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Shenzhen Zonhen Solenoid Valve Co., Ltd.

      Shenzhen Zonhen Solenoid Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional design, produce, sales various non-standard Solenoid Valve Manufacturer, Owns the senior R&D team of solenoid valve, Perfect solenoid valve development LABS, mature solenoid valve production wrokshop, Adhering to the "Customer -oriented" concept, with non-standard characteristic of solenoid valve, USES engineer "one -stop" service, fast for customised all kinds of solenoid valve products. At present, zonhen solenoid valve widely used in public facilities(auto perfume bottle, ATM...), automobiles, home appliances, massager, medical products etc field.
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ZHV-0414Solenoid Valve ZHV-0419Solenoid Valve ZHV-0420Solenoid Valve
ZHV-0414 Solenoid Valve ZHV-0419 Solenoid Valve ZHV-0420 Solenoid Valve
ZHV-0519Solenoid Valve ZHV-0520Solenoid Valve ZHV-0626Solenoid Valve
ZHV-0519 Solenoid Valve ZHV-0520 Solenoid Valve ZHV-0626 Solenoid Valve
ZHV-0627Solenoid Valve ZHV-0628Solenoid Valve ZHV-0829Solenoid Valve
ZHV-0627 Solenoid Valve ZHV-0628 Solenoid Valve ZHV-0829 Solenoid Valve
ZHV-0837Solenoid Valve ZHV-0840Solenoid Valve ZHV-0926Solenoid Valve
ZHV-0837 Solenoid Valve ZHV-0840 Solenoid Valve ZHV-1035 Solenoid Valve
ZHV-1035Solenoid Valve ZHV-1165Solenoid Valve ZHV-1434Solenoid Valve
ZHV-1035 Solenoid Valve ZHV-1165 Solenoid Valve ZHV-1434 Solenoid Valve
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